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Metatopia 2012 and Other Updates

Just got back from Metatopia last night. Fantastic weekend all around.

I ran two playtests for The Family, both went very well. I was able to determine the practical minimum and maximum group sizes (3 and 5 respectively, plus GM, though there may be an option for GMless), and several edits to the rules. The actual play experience was actually extremely close to the ideas I had floating around in my head when I was pounding on the rules, so that was a pleasant surprise. In both cases the players were phenomenal, and immediately latched onto the ideas I was trying to convey, and did outstanding jobs in bringing that to life during the games. On one hand, I didn’t get a bunch of old school grognards that were going to try and break my game (which at some point is actually desirable during early playtesting), but on the other, I found my target audience, so yay.

The rest of the weekend was taken up by panels. I sat with Nathan Paoletta on a couple of graphics design panels, where we gave (IMO) some very good advice on art & graphic design for people who are working on projects and need some help in that area. I also attended a bunch of other great panels, Lizzy Stark and Ben Walker were on a LARP panel that delved into the psychological and emotional effects of LARPing, and how those things are highlighted by Nordic style LARPing, as opposed to a lot of the stuff that goes on here in the US, where those sorts of things are afterthoughts at best (at least in my experience). There were some other great panels on self-publishing, working with artists, working with editors, how indie game design elements are creeping into maintsteam game design, using historical elements in your campaign or setting, and lots others I can’t remember right now.

Now that I’m back, first order of business is to get the revisions in on the Family playtest rules, and release them into the wild so other people can run it, and I can figure out if the game text properly explains how to run the game so that people that don’t have access to my head can understand it.

Also, because I am the kind of guy I am, today I created a font. It’s just a distressed version of Impact that I can use for branding on all the stuff I’m working on for The Family. Yes, it’s very similar to Impacted, but it’s all mine (and has more characters). Expect to see buttons & stickers soon. And eventually, custom card decks (front and back). Oh yeah.

— Ben

PS: Possible T-Shirt idea:

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Alive, I tell you, Alive!

The updated version of the Spookybeans PDF is up on and affiliated sites. A case of the books has been ordered and is currently en route to Chapter 13 Press central, and very soon the preorders will go out.

— Ben

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It’s Alive

So the book exists. It’s a real thing now, not just a collection of ideas or a stream of 1s and 0s on a computer.

Received the proof, made a couple of corrections to the artwork in the interior PDF, will be sending that off to Lightning Source shortly, and very soon the book will be available for everyone. Stay tuned.

— Ben

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So Close…

Currently finishing up the work to get Spookybeans ready for print. I have the template for the cover from Lightning Source, will be building that tonight. Should be ready to go by the end of the week.

— Ben

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Vote now!

The polls are open for the 2012 ENnie Awards, and Spookybeans is in the running for Best Electronic Book. Vote now! Polls close on July 29th.

— Ben

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