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Post-con Report

Alright, so Dregg and I were at AnonyCon last weekend. We didn’t get to run Spookybeans, however. My fault for not getting my game submission in on time. So I learned my lesson, and have registered early for Recess in January. I will be running 2 sessions (currently Going Out of Business and Dave of the Dead, though if I finish the other scenarios in time, I will bring them with me and ask the players if they want to try something new).

However, Dregg and I did get a chance to playtest a new game from Eppy (creator of Dread), called Swords Without Master. It’s directly inspired by Fritz Lieber’s Fafhrd & The Grey Mouser stories, but fits well with any pulp sword & sorcery. It’s unapologetically finger-painty (as my friend Rebecca would say), and totally balls-out awesome. It’s a collaborative narration game, and you roll the dice primarily to determine the tone of your narration (light-hearted or dark & gritty), because the source material seems to bounce back and forth between these two tones all the time. I definitely recommend checking it out.

— Ben

| Posted in Chapter 13 Press, Spookybeans by ben | 12/08/2010 @ 1:55 pm |
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