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Right! What’s all this, then?

Spookybeans is the roleplaying game of gothic underground comics. This game allows players to explore a morbidly funny comic book world in the vein of Charles Addams, Tim Burton, Roman Dirge, Edward Gorey, Ted Naifeh, Jill Thompson, Serena Valentino, Jhonen Vasquez, and Voltaire (among others).

Whut’s A Arr-Pee-Gee?

If you’ve played a roleplaying game before, you don’t need yet another rehash of the the whole “What is Roleplaying?” schpiel. If you haven’t played an RPG before, but your friends have, go get someone in your group to explain it to you. If none of your friends have played an RPG before, there’s a wealth of information to be found online.

Okay, maybe we could do with a little more explanation than that. You see, this isn’t like most traditional RPGs (we’re not saying it’s better, just different), in which the rules concern themselves mainly with things like how far you can move in a turn, or how many actions you can take in a round, or how easy or difficult it is to hit someone with a particular weapon, or how much damage that weapon causes, or whether or not characters can jump across a chasm, or pick a lock, or convince a temple guard that they’re the entourage of the Ambassador of The Dragonlands instead of a band of drunken wandering swords for hire, and the like.

On the other hand, what we’ve got here is much more of a collaborative storytelling game. The rules concern themselves with one thing: who gets to determine what happens next. This means there are some fairly unconventional mechanics, mostly involving shared narration, conflict resolution rather than task resolution, and non-linear character development. If you have tried these kinds of things in other games before and have found that you don’t like them, then there is a strong possibility that this game is not for you. However, if you are a fan of the light-heartedly macabre, fast and light RPG mechanics, imaginative storytelling, and rolling big handfuls of dice, this is the game for you.

Whut’s a Spoookie-Beeen?

Spookybeans are a sub-group of the inhabitants of The Hollow, the default setting for the game. Even within this sub-group, the diversity boggles the mind. Spookybeans can be goth kids, ex-vampire hunters, alien invaders, fairy princesses, caffeine-addicted conspiracy theorists, or very nearly anything else you can think of that’s just a little… twisted.

There are lots of other people around as well, of course. What fun would it be if there weren’t any norms to freak out?

Whut Are We S’posed Ta Do?

In this game, your characters will be subjected to the trials and tribulations of life in a semi-suburban neighborhood that happens to be a giant magnet for any and all kinds of supernatural weirdness that you can think of, quite possibly the result of having sprung up around a sprawling 200 year old cemetery. Each character has both a good ending and a bad ending, and your actions during the game will help propel them toward one or the other at the conclusion of the game. In the meantime, the goal is mainly just to have a good time and tell an entertaining story or two.

What do I need to play?

Not a whole lot, actually. A copy of these rules for a start, of course (or more than one if you don’t like to share); a few character sheets; some pens or pencils; some dice (or coins – anything with an even number of sides/faces); and a couple of friends.

Who’s responsible for all of this?

The original idea for Spookybeans was posted by James “Dregg” Carpio on the Forge, and Ben Morgan took the ball and ran with it. Dregg wrote most of the setting material, and Ben wrote most of the basic mechanics.

Why are Skulls odd and Bones even?

The short answer: Odd Is Good.

The longer answer has to do with programming. In the programming world, 1 and 0 are used for ‘true’ and ‘false’, respectively. At some point, Ben plans on getting someone to write a Spookybeans dice rolling program, so with that in mind, he wanted the aesthetics of the system to match across different randomizers.

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