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James Carpio

James Carpio (AKA Dregg) is an avid old school gamer who has made his way into the world of small press publishing and freelance writing. James is the proprietor of Chapter 13 Press (Publishers of Pulp Era, Spookybeans, Death Race Z (part of their “Tales from the Funk” line), and is currently working on a undisclosed projects as well as an adventure module for Lamentations of the Flame Princess. James has collaborated on projects with Eden Studios, Exile Game Studio, Secret Fire Games, Goodman Games and R. Talsorian Games. James is also a partner in the New TSR and is host on the TSR Media Network’s Cube of Death podcast.

On the convention side James holds the title of Manager of Analog Gaming with Connecticon (in Hartford CT) and has in the past worked with I-CON Science Fiction, Questcon, and Gazebo of Games. You can check out James’ work at or hear him rant at

Michael Smith

Depending on which version of his secret origin you choose to believe, Michael R. Smith was either rocketed to Earth as an infant by his disappointed parents, assembled from scraps scavenged from the waste bins of an asylum morgue, purchased as a kit from a mysterious antique store, summoned from the dimension of ennui, the end result of a failed Kickstarter project or born and raised in San Francisco, California. Whatever his strange and mysterious origin, Michael spends his days leading a ragtag fugitive fleet doing IT desktop support, his nights studying to be a parent two two daughters who already far outstrip him in intellect and craft and his remaining scraps of free time trying to write, draw and perusing quaint and curious tomes of forgotten lore. To date his only published work is to be found in the pages of the first edition of Pulp Era. He also maintains a Star Trek: TOS parody-blog at

Ben Morgan

Ben has been drawing since he was three, and has been gaming since he was fourteen, but it’s only been in the last 13 years or so that he’s put the two together in any meaningful way. He’s done freelance artwork and custom character sheets for many prominent independently published RPGs, including Inspectres, octaNe, Elfs, Trollbabe, Donjon, Paladin, Mouse Guard, and Torch Bearer. He co-wrote Spookybeans with James, and was art director & layout wizard for Tales From the Fallen Empire.

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