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This is where you’ll find errata for the 1st edition of Pulp Era (yes, even we make
mistakes from time to time), and clarifications on certain rules.


pg. 69, Meleee Weapon Terms, should read:

Damage: Dice based. Melee weapons add/subtract your Attribute Bonus/Obstacle from
your damage. So if you have a Brawn of 13, then you would gain a +3 to the final damage.
If using an Aptitude , add the Aptitude Bonus as well.

pg. 5, Table 2 – Action Level, should be:

Modifier Action Level
x 0.5 Gritty Gritty level pulps are more realistic and down-to-earth. Detective stories
are a classic example.
x 1 Heroic Heroic pulps are not as dark as the gritty pulps while still maintaining a
level of realism. Cowboy and air-adventure stories fit this bill.
x 2 Fantastic Tales of the fantastic involve heroic characters in situations beyond the norm.
Many classic horror stories and some low-level masked avenger tales.
x 3 Cinematic The heroes and villains of the cinematic genre are large than life and their
exploits are known worldwide. Four-color pulp heroes, space adventures and
explorations into lost lands.




As written, this Gimmicks can be somewhat confusing to players and game masters
alike. Some liken it to a prerequisite to possessing weird powers, others view it
as being an augmentor to existing weird powers. The latter is the correct assumption.

Superhuman is intended to, ‘kick it up a notch’, as it were, with regards to a
characters weird powers, allowing them to perform stunts that would othwerwise be
deemed ‘impossible’ for any mortal man. Let us take the Gimmick “Monstrous Strength”
as an example. As written, it confers a level of brute, physical power to a character,
enhancing any sort of physical Task where brute force is a benefit, a human being with
Monstrous Strength would be the equivalent of the Golden Age Captain America, Doc
Savage or Hourman; a powerhouse to be reckoned with, but not over-the-top.

Add Superhuman to a character with Monstrous Strength and you get far more
impressive results; imagine Doc Saavge stopping a train with his bare hands,
Captain America leaping a tall building in a single bound, Hourman bringing down
a building with a single wrecking-ball punch.

Suddenly your Pulp Hero looks a bit more ‘super’, doesn’t he?

To make it a bit easier on gamemasters; use the assumption with Superhuman
that if there is a Task that would ordinarily be deemed “Impossible”, the
Superhuman character has a better than even chance of performing it. While
Doc Savage would have to rely on his ingenuity to get through that titanium
steel door, perhaps the mild-mannered, bookish fellow with the rippling thews
might give it a go.

Somebody hold his glasses for him, this is going to get loud.

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