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Here you’ll find extra stuff that didn’t make it into the book.

Character Sheet

Character Sheet by Ben Morgan


Mere Mortal
Bonus: 5
Task: None
Range: Self
A character with this Fault can never, under any circumstances possess
any sort of more than human ability or equipment. He or she always remains
firmly and resolutely planted in the common sense workaday world. While
unusual things occur around (and sometimes to) the character, they can never
be permanently altered or changed by them.


New Option: Combining Gimmicks

Should a player find himself in a situation where he could combine two
or more Gimmicks to complete a single Task, rather than simply doubling
the character’s Legend score on the highest Gimmick the player could opt
instead to add his base Legend score (not doubled) for every Gimmick he
can convince the GM would be applicable to the Task at hand. This can
conceivably give large bonuses to a Task, and the GM should be careful
to curb player abuse of this option.

New Options: Team Effort

Conceivably, more than one character could turn their attention to
accomplishing a single Task as a group, rather than individually. To
this end, one character (presumably the one who initiated the Task)
becomes the Lead and his Legend becomes the base for the task; Accomplice
characters can lend their Legend bonus if they have applicable Gimmicks
or their Aptitude bonus depending on the situation.

New Option: Fivefold Aptitudes

In order to give Aptitudes more punch, the GM may choose to give them a
higher bonus. Using this option, each (+1) level of an Aptitude is actually
worth a bonus of (+5) when applied to a Task. This allows for highly skilled
characters who may have few Gimmicks to compete in contests of skill more easily.

New Option: Perilous Stunts

Rather than adding a simple +1/+2 to the Difficulty of a Task, attempting
a Stunt raises the Difficulty by between one and two Levels (e.g. an Easy
Difficulty becomes Challenging; a Heroic becomes Legendary or Other-Worldly
depending on the nature of the Stunt, etc.). While the risks are greater, so
too are the rewards.

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