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Quick Site Update

Just went through and overhauled some of the code on the site. End users shouldn’t see any change on their side. The rollover buttons on the main menu on the side as well as the top menus on the individual game pages are now no longer dependent on Javascript, instead it’s all a rather simple CSS hack. Other than that, not a whole lot going on, we’re continuing to pound the Spookybeans text into workable shape. I need to get back to doing more artwork, that’ll be sometime soon. No other big conventions until Dreamation next February, though I’m planning to run the game at the next Recess, whenever that happens to be [Updated] January 15th & 16th.

— Ben

| Posted in Chapter 13 Press by ben | 11-22-2010 @ 1:07 pm |

Playtest Pack Update

The Playtest Packs have been updated with the new rules changes made after the last round of playtesting at Connecticon. The major change is that Thingies now grant dice from the GM’s pool, rather than automatic Skulls. People were succeeding far too easily on most rolls. This has actually been an issue for quite some time, and I hope this will finally solve it.

At some point I will finish the Buffy/Twilight parody and summer camp scenarios. I’ve also got plans for an Invader Zim scenario, that will likely be a con-only kind of thing, lest Viacom’s lawyers get wind of it.

Anyway, check ’em out here.

— Ben

| Posted in Spookybeans by ben | 09-17-2010 @ 2:46 am |

Cross-browser compatibility

After getting the font embedding working properly in Firefox (apparently it doesn’t like it when you try to call an embedded font that’s on a different domain than the page being displayed), I installed Opera, Chrome, and Safari, just for laughs.

I was surprised to find out that they all display the site very nearly exactly the same. The long, drawn-out struggle I was expecting to have to undertake never happened.

In short, to all the various browser developers out there: go you. You guys are finally on the right track about supporting HTML and CSS standards. No one’s 100% of the way there yet, but most everyone is close enough for the casual user not to notice.

— Ben

| Posted in Chapter 13 Press by ben | 08-17-2010 @ 12:00 pm |

The Rules

I’ve posted the Rules chapter on the Spookybeans forums. You can find them here.

— Ben

| Posted in Spookybeans by ben | 08-16-2010 @ 5:46 pm |

Onward to Adventure!

The new Pulp Era site has been set up. Ben will continue to add all of the content previously located on the old site. Stay tuned, true believers!

— Ben

| Posted in Pulp Era by ben | 08-16-2010 @ 2:24 pm |
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